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Within this theme pupils explore identity, heritage and culture. The curriculum has a strong geographical and PHSE and citizenship focus.

As pupils progress through the school the learning experiences diversify to provide opportunities for pupils to work in wider world contexts.

Core values: Weather around the world and seasons


The theme of Influential People aims to provide pupils with aspirational and inspirational role models. The theme has a strong historical focus which enables pupils to investigate the influence and legacy of key figures on their lives today. This theme provides a context for pupils to develop, practice and refine research and presentational skills.

Visit from local/national person of influence


This unit allows us to explore London from a wide range of perspectives and exploit the richness and diversity of our capital city. While some year groups are inspired by London’s famous Landmarks, others step back in time to explore London during the Great Fire of London or The Blitz. Other year groups make comparisons with London then and now and explore urban culture.

Core values: An eye on the world


Art and artists provide the inspiration for this theme as children are immersed in the world of a famous artist, a work of art or an art movement.  This theme lends itself well to the development of geographical as well as creative skills. Opportunities will be given for pupils to engage creatively in art, music, dance and drama. There is an expectation to develop pupil’s creative thinking during this unit.

SUMMER 1 -   BUILD IT - inventions, mechanisms and structures

Science and technology and computing are at the heart of this theme and pupils have varied practical, hands on opportunities to develop their resourcefulness and resilience as they learn what it takes to generate and refine ideas.

Core values: enterprise (we are scientists/ architects/ gardeners/ designers/ builders/ photographers/ mechanics….)


Going green is our environmental theme with a strong geographical and scientific focus. At the centre of this theme are the ideas of sustainability, citizenship and contributing positively to our local, national and global community.

Science project

  • Rec: weather (hot/cold/wet/dry)
  • Yr 1: Seasons
  • Yr 2: floods
  • Yr 3: drought/famine
  • Yr 4: volcanoes
  • Yr 5: Hurricanes and Tornadoes
  • Yr 6: Earthquakes

Our curriculum has been developed with our teachers over several years and is evaluated each year. This year we are using the Edison connected and skills curriculum to support progression and provide an even wider range of opportunities. We take a cross curricular approach as we believe that this enables children to make connections in their learning. We look for opportunities for wow moments every half term and go out on visits to different places. For example, our Reception children visited The National History Museum to learn about dinosaurs, while our Year 6 children visited the Royal Opera House to see a ballet performance. We also invite visitors into school.

We use the Read, Write Inc programme across the school. Children are taught in ability groups.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Mr Martin or by viewing the GLC Curriculum Policy via the GLC website