Primary Free School pupils support ActionAid's Big Me Day...

Pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School took part in a primary GLC-wide day of dressing up as their future selves, as part of ActionAid’s Big Me schools fundraising initiative. They joined 300 schools across the UK, who also took part.

For our Big Me day, pupils dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up, to explore their own aspirations and stand beside children around the world who may not be able to realise their dreams because they are born into poverty. Children wrote a letter to their future selves to open in ten years’ time and learn about children’s ambitions around the world.

The Big Me initiative is expected to raise £50,000 for ActionAid’s work around the world changing lives of the poorest, most disadvantaged children.

A spokesperson at ActionAid UK said “Big Me is all about changing lives. We are inspired by the children within the GLC who are exploring their own hopes and dreams whilst raising money to help other children around the world.”

Mr Kevin Sadler, CEO of the GLC, said “I’m thrilled that our primary schools took part in Big Me. They were really excited! We had a huge range of future careers on show, from astronauts to pilots. As a teacher, I know that by giving a child an education you are giving them the opportunity to dream for a future they desire, however, there are millions of children around the world that don’t have that chance. We hope that the money raised will go a long way to support ActionAid’s work changing young lives for good.”

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