'All Different. All Equal' at the Gateway Primary Free School...

Anti Bullying week was a very busy week for students and pupils across the GLC. The Gateway Academy Student Leaders and Peer Mentors visited primaries within the GLC, to deliver the important message to ‘All Different. All Equal!’

Gateway Academy students visited the younger pupils and joined in with the Anti Bullying activities planned for the week. This included speaking to the younger pupils during lessons about this very important topic, as well as taking part in silent role play, sending a clear message what a bully, bystander and friend would do in any bullying situation. Staff from the primary schools were delighted to have the older students demonstrate what positive role models they were, showing qualities such as kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration.

Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Mrs Tracey Passingham, said “The Academy’s Student Leaders and Peer Mentors really enjoyed visiting the younger ones in their schools. I think that they all took away great ideas from their sessions and have been invited back more regularly to spread the word of kindness across the GLC!”

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