Amazing tours at Amazon for Primary Free School pupils...

Pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School recently had a behind-the-scenes look at the fulfilment centre, the newest example of Amazon’s commitment to invention in logistics on behalf of employees and customers. 

On the tour, they saw how Amazon stores, picks and packs products that are shipped from Tilbury to customers around the world. Tilbury fulfilment centre is the same size as 34 football pitches and holds millions of products from books and toys – to kettles, toasters and computers.

Robots help speed order processing time and reduce walking by employees by moving the shelves to employees, reducing the time taken to stow items for sale or pick them for new customer orders. They also save space, allowing for 50% more items to be stowed per square foot.

Tens of thousands of the products stored at Amazon in Tilbury belong to small businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace who use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfil orders to customers across Europe.

Skilled engineers and IT professionals support the technology in Tilbury and Ali Ataya, who studied electrical engineering, is one of them “I have always been interested in robotics, but when I started at Amazon I had no idea that one day I could be working with this kind of technology,” he remembers “we are not only working with the robots day to day, we are also looking at how we can make them better in the future.”

Robert Stobinski, at the Tilbury Fulfilment Centre, said “We’re extremely proud of the efforts of everyone who works in our fulfilment centres and opening Tilbury up to these tours is the perfect way to recognise all of their achievements." He added “We’re especially thrilled to share some of the exciting things we do here in Tilbury to deliver a high quality of service to our customers and look forward to welcoming people through our doors in the coming months – not least the mesmerizing robotics which move and lift products through the fulfilment centre.”

Miss Tracey Wilson, Assistant Headteacher at the Gateway Primary Free School, also said “We really enjoyed our tour and had a fascinating insight into how Amazon delivers customer orders from right here in Tilbury. From experiencing the sheer size of the building to understanding the technology that makes Amazon work, the staff and pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School found the trip both inspirational and educational. The pupils were totally wowed by the robots moving the shelves around the floor to help the staff process orders – it really is amazing to watch.”

Jackie Doyle Price, MP for Thurrock, said “Having visited the fulfilment centre myself and witnessed the amazing robots, I welcome that Amazon is opening its doors to showcase the technology and explain what they do. Amazon is a major employer and an important part of our community.”

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