Gateway Primary Free School pupils get banking...

Pupils from the Gateway Primary Free School have recently introduced their very own bank scheme that acts as a savings club for children and young people up to the age of 16 years old.

The scheme is run in partnership with Essex Savers Bank Scheme and has its very own ‘GPFS Bank Managers’ who are there to assist and guide pupils on their savings, with a little help from School Bank Co-ordinator, Mrs Joyce Sao.

The scheme give pupils a good grounding in economic, social and individual development at an early age which helps them prepare for the demands that every day adult life will place upon them.

The ‘bank’ is open every Monday and Wednesday between 10.15am to 10.30am to take savings deposits and open new accounts. Withdrawals can be made once a month.

Mrs Sao, said “I am delighted that the pupils are so enthusiastic with their new bank. We look forward to helping lots of pupils with their savings!”

Pictured with Mrs Sao and her bank managers and customers, are Head of School, Mr Thom Martin, LSA Mrs Jones and Essex Savers President, Mrs Alison Davies.

To learn more about Essex Savers, click on the image below to view their website.

Essex Saver Logo

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