A promise from the Head of School


Mr Martin
Head of School

My promise is to work tirelessly to provide all of our pupils the best education that we can.  I will ensure that each pupil is set rigorous targets in English, Maths and Science that are rigorously tracked, with suitable intervention strategies in place to support those young people who fall behind.

I will ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced and allows pupils to develop new talents and interests and to understand their place in the wider world. We will also organise regular trips and visit to enrich the curriculum.

I will monitor the performance of all staff and ensure that we are always working to improve the quality of teaching, welfare and guidance to meet the highest national and international standards.

We will work together to ensure that ours is a happy school where every pupil is motivated to attend and never has to feel worried or afraid of other.   We will work to create an environment where pupils can express their thought and feeling confident that others will listen and respond with respect and courtesy.

Our school is a new school which means that we have a clean sheet to design provision in a way that suits us.  To that end, I promise that I will listen to the views of parents, pupils, teachers and the wider community and will take these views into account when planning for the future.