Topic - All about me

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be focusing on making friends, sharing and introducing the class rules. The classrooms are set up with many activities that require sharing and talking to one another. We have a Home Corner, A Vet’s Surgery and a Green Grocers, all aimed at encouraging speech and building relationships. At home you could play board games, or encourage your child to talk about what they like at school and who their friends are.

Communication & Language

The children will be sharing lots of rhymes, books and stories. We will also be spending lots of time establishing and demonstrating class rules. We will be carrying out circle time activities and learning how to listen to one another effectively. We will also be encouraging the children to ask questions about their surroundings and to extend their vocabulary. At home you could try extending your child’s vocabulary by asking for more details about an object, e.g., ‘the cat’ could become ‘the large, fluffy, ginger and white cat’.


We will be seeing how well the children can count by making towers of different numbers, or necklaces with different numbers of beads. We will be talking about the shapes used in models that they make. At home you could draw your child’s attention to shapes around them or count wherever possible, such as when climbing the stairs, or setting the table.

Understanding the World

We will be introducing the children to a range of materials for building models, and seeing the effects that can be created in different malleable materials such as play dough. At home you could give your child left over containers or boxes and let them experiment with different ways of joining them together. Please collect clean, safe, recyclable materials and give them to a member of the Foundation Team so that we can create models in class also.

Physical Development

We will be focusing on the children’s ability to change for PE, managing this independently.

Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day.

We will be covering:

  • Balance, targets, team work/taking turns & body movement/dance.

At home you could help your child to practise changing into their PE clothes quickly (tights and shoes cause a particular problem!).

Creative Development

We will be drawing and painting self- portraits using mirrors. We will also be experimenting with a variety of different media including and chalks. The children will have daily access to our music area where they can make up their own music. At home you could encourage your child to draw or paint pictures of themselves or other family members.


We will be teaching the children to write their names and share favourite stories We will also be using a variety of materials to allow the children to make marks. At home you could help your child to find a favourite story to share in class, listen to nursery rhyme CDs, or help your child to practise accurate letter formation in their name (a capital letter for the first letter, with the rest in lowercase)


Giving your child the opportunity to make marks on paper is extremely important as it gives your child the confidence to begin attempting writing. You can use all sorts of materials to do this, such as chalk, pen or pencils. It is good to encourage your child to “write” their name, or a shopping list even if they do not know what letters to use. Praise their efforts and ask them to “read” what they have written. As we introduce letters to the children, you will begin to see them appearing, often at random, in their writing. Copying writing is useful when practising their name, however children also need the opportunity just to ‘have a go’ in order to make them feel like writers.