Year 1



Connected Curriculum

The children will be following the Read, Write, Inc programme.

  • Fairy / Traditional tales - looking at the story language of Cinderella. Write descriptions of the characters and main events in the story.
  • Writing about how they would feel if they were Cinderella.
  • Use of story language – once upon a time, happily ever after
  • Punctuation - !? . capital letter, finger spaces, quotation marks for speech
  • Story mapping Cinderella

The children will be following the numicon scheme.

  • Adding and subtracting mentally, use of a number line, missing numbers, number bonds,
  • Solving word problems by applying addition and subtraction strategies.
  • Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Capacity, measuring and weight/mass
  • Time (clocks)
  • Repeated addition and division

Where shall we go for a great day out?

Visit – The Tower of London


Comparing the current Queen Elizabeth 11 to her mother Queen Elizabeth 1.

Design and Technology

Looking at a range of vehicles. Constructing wheels and axles to master practical skills to make a London bus

Art and Design

Looking at and recreating paintings of the Queen, painting a peer using the medium of paint.

Colour mixing to produce skin tones, hair colour…


Use of 2 simple to create a travel brochure of London landmarks

Personal Development

Healthy and safer lifestyles, for example, personal hygiene (handwashing)


Pulse, rhythm, pitch, singing, playing instruments



Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day. 

PE days are Wednesdays covering:

  • Developing partner work

Outdoor from Summer Term covering:

  • Athletics


Stories from the Bible of Jesus and his friendships with others


Modern Foreign Languages

Investigating materials

Uses of every day materials

Appropriate clothes for the different seasons

Physical properties of materials


Supporting your child at home

  • Reading – at the GPFS it is expected that children read at home every day for 10 minutes.  It is important that you ask your child about what they read.
  • Maths and English – the children will have a piece of Maths and English work to do at home each week.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and to be handed in the following Wednesday.