Year 2

Year 2 go on a treasure hunt!

GPFS Pirates

As part of the children's WOW week, we all dressed up as pirates and carried out lots of engaging activities.

We started our week with a Maths treasure hunt, then went on to taste and evaluate fruits from around the world, including mango, pineapple, pomegranate, passion fruit and kiwis.

We designed flags, made boats using crates and planks, and made sea creatures using clay.



Connected Curriculum


Most of the children will be following the Read, Write. Inc phonic programme whilst some will begin the Literacy and Language programme.

Fiction – Narrative (The Story of The Great Fire of London, Jill Atkins)

Non-fiction – Diary entries, informal language


  • Count in 2s, 3s, 5s & 10s
  • Exploring empty box notation
  • Measuring length accurately, in centimetres
  • Write numbers to 100
  • Know number facts to 20 (+ related to 100)
  • Adding and subtracting whole tens
  • Making and classifying polygons
  • Identifying the faces, edges and vertices of solid 3D shapes.

Big Question: Fire! Fire! Friend or foe?


Our topic for this half term is “The Great Fire of London”.

We will be using a range of resources to research the Great Fire of London. The children will be finding out about when and where the fire started. They will be sequencing the main events and looking at reason why the fire lasted so long/caused such damage. They will also consider how we know so much about the past. For example, from eyewitness accounts, (Samuel Pepys diary) and paintings.

Art and Design

  • The children will explore a variety of techniques to create visual representations of The Great Fire of London.


  • We will be creating short musical patterns with Glockenspiels.

Personal Development

  • The children will begin to understand how to stay safe in a variety of situations. We will discuss fire, water and road safety with the students.



Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day. 

PE days Mondays covering:

  • Games (individual & teams)

Outdoor from Summer Term covering:

  • Athletics

Through the RE curriculum the children will be learning the values and beliefs of the Jewish community.

  • Begin to understand why Jewish people celebrate Passover.
  • Begin to identify ways in which Jewish people respect God.


Supporting your child at home

Our Science focus for this half term is “Materials”. The children will learn to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. They will explore the properties of different materials and investigate their appropriateness for everyday use. They will also learn about some of the ways in which materials can be changed.

  • Reading – at the GPFS it is expected that children read at home every day for 15 minutes.  It is important that you ask your child about what they have read.
  • Maths and English – the children will have a piece of maths or English work, to do at home each week. Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.
  • The children will be expected to choose 2 activities from the list in the Guide on the Side document. 

Homework can be downloaded on the left!