Year 4



Connected Curriculum

The children will be following the Language and Literacy programme.

  • Our fiction focus this half term in Literacy will introduce a story with a historical setting – Runaways! By Jim Eldridge.  They will explore the setting and use it to immerse themselves in the story.  The setting and period will then provide inspiration for their own writing.
  • Our non-fiction text will broaden their knowledge of the Victorian period by looking through journalistic texts that are typical of the period. 


  • Multiplication and division.
  • Symmetry and reflection.
  • Fractions.
  • Developing fluency with multiplying dividing facts to 12x12.
  • Formal method for addition and subtraction

Was it one small step?


  • We are exploring World War II and The Blitz.
  • We will be learning what it was like to be around during the WWII and what it was like to be an evacuee.
  • We will be looking at rationing and the effect this had on their health

They will listen to the clip of PM Neville Chamberlain announcing that Britain is at war, and radio clips of children’s experiences of being evacuated.

Art and Design

  • We will be building an Anderson Shelter and seeing how these were used in WWII
  • To explore cross hatching, which is the use of fine parallel lines drawn closely together to create the illusion of shade or texture is a drawing.


  • We will be learning to play a variety of stringed instruments.



Classes: 4K, 4F

Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school every day.

PE days are Mondays covering:

  • Netball

Outdoor from Summer Term covering:

  • Athletics
  • We are exploring Juduaism and their laws.
  • To understand their beliefs about Kosher food
  • To explore the story of Exodus and the Jewish festival of the Passover


Modern Foreign Languages


  • Sound sources / vibrating
  • Volume / pitch investigations
  • Vibrations travel to the ear through a medium

Recognise that sounds get quieter if source is far away. What different sources of sound are there?

  • How are sounds made?
  • Why do sounds get louder/quieter?
  • How can the pitch of a sound be changed?

The children will be learning Spanish.

  • Develop appropriate pronunciation
  • Describe people, places & things
  • Understand basic grammar.

Supporting your child at home

  • Reading – at the GPFS it is expected that children read at home every day for 15 minutes.  It is important that you ask your child about what they read.
  • Maths and English – the children will have a piece of maths and English work to do at home each week.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and to be handed in the following Wednesday.