Extra Curricular Activities

Spring Term 2018

Monday Multi Skills and Multi Sports Foundation Stage Star Sports
Monday Chinese Language  All Mrs Kausar 
Monday Junior Choir Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Mrs Mernissi
Tuesday  Multi Skills and Multi Sports Years 1 and 2 Star Sports
Tuesday Girls’ Football Years 5 & 6 Star Sports
Tuesday  Hair Dressing Years 5 & 6 Ms Slaney, Miss Davies
Wednesday  Basket Ball/ Multi Sports/ Football Year 3 Star Sports
Thursday  Basket Ball/ Multi Sports/ Football Year 4 Star Sports
Thursday Tag Rugby Years 3 & 4 Mr Turner, Mr Lawson
Friday Science  Years 4, 5 & 6 Mr Kearns
Friday  Cross Country Years 4, 5 & 6 Star Sports
Friday Boys’ Football Years 5 & 6 Star Sports

GPFS Salon 0

After school clubs at the Gateway Primary Free School just get better and better! A selection of artistic pupils enjoy learning everything about hairstyles and the processes that happen every day in a working Hair Salon.

Using the excellent facilities at the adjoining Gateway Academy, the pupils visit the salon every week. They enjoy learning the theory behind the styles and the science that is involved in perming and colouring. Taking part in practical lessons are always an enjoyable part of the class, using rollers and various brush techniques to fine-tune their skills.

Club leaders, Ms Slaney and Ms Davies, said “The pupils really enjoy the sessions every week. They get to take part in various curriculum subjects whilst at the club, including art and science, without even realising it. We enjoy our weekly club and hope the pupils enjoy it as much as we do!”

Head of School, Mr Dan George, said “This is a fun and creative way for the pupils to learn about different subjects within the curriculum as part of our extra-curricular club timetable. The salon at the Gateway Academy is an ideal location for the pupils to experience what a real salon would be like.”