The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory at the Gateway Primary Free School and strictly enforced. We use the phrase, ‘if you look smart you act smart’ to try to get the pupils to understand that uniform worn smartly helps them to feel good about themselves, which has a knock-on effect with how they function within the school.  We are convinced that school uniform promotes a positive attitude, high standards and a sense of belonging to the school.  

You can visit Uniforms by Niki or contact them via the telephone or email: 
Address: Uniforms by Niki, Walton Hall Farm, Walton Hall Road, Linford, SS17 0RH
Tel: 07925 47 6600
Email: info@uniformsbyniki.com 
Website: https://uniformsbyniki.com/collections/the-gateway-primary-free-school

For more information please see our Uniform Policy January 2019

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