My Book Blog is a fantastic new website that motivates children to read books.

Children are supported to choose a great book using ’My Book Blog’s’ blurbs, book trailers and the ratings and reviews of other children. When they have chosen a book to read, they find a copy of it in our wonderfully re-stocked library. ‘My Book Blog’ books have a sticker on the spine of the books so children are able to distinguish them easily.

We suggest that children read between 20 and 40 minutes most evenings. The best way you can support them to do this is to read with them. After the children have read a chapter, they return to ‘My Book Blog’ for support through the story. They blog their thoughts and feelings, grow their vocabulary, explore book- related non-fiction, and collect jokes and cards as they read.

To access the website you need to carefully enter the following address:


We recently subscribed to Purple Mash to enhance and support the children's learning through ICT. It has opened up a wide range of new activities for us. It is a web based computing programme where children can access a variety of applications for programming, writing and maths.

Children have their own unique log in and can access their work through the following site: