Year 2

Royal Opera House Trailblazers-Year 2

Storytelling book bus

The Trailblazer book bus visited year 2 in school today. The children experienced an interactive storytelling session all about pirates which took them on a journey of discovery. Children’s learning started in the classroom where they discussed pirates. They continued their learning on the book bus, where they read and listened to stories written by their favourite authors and were introduced to new stories and authors.


By The Light Of The Moon

Today, the Full House Theatre Company performed their heart-warming new production,  ‘By The Light Of The Moon’. This playful performance to years 2 ,3 and 5 gave children the opportunity to witness puppetry and live singing that told a charming story about a friendship formed in the face of difference. This enchanting performance had many cross curricular links which the children discussed in class after the show.