Primary PE & Sport Grant Awarded

Total number of pupils on roll


Lump sum


Total Grant Amount


PE & School Sport Co-ordinator

Laurence Jones

Governor responsible for PE & School Sport

T Martin

Summary of Primary Sport Premium 2016-17

Objectives of spend;

  • Improve the provision and quality of PE & School Sport at the Gateway Primary Free School
  • Ensure that PE & School Sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring.
  • Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils.
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity.

Outline of Primary Sport Premium spending 2016-17





Evidence or Sustainability

Thurrock Schools Sports Partnership


To develop opportunities for all children to participate in various different sports on offer.

To attend events so children feel healthy competition.

Develop teacher skills through CPD courses.

Teams entered in to cross country, Quad Kids, Cricket, borough Olympics and Netball.

Attending as many events as possible run by the SSP and attending CPD courses.

Attended KS2 Cross country, Inter Tennis tournament, Boys and girls football teams, boys and girls cricket teams, rounders teams, netball teams, indoor athletics, district athletics.

After School Clubs


To offer a wide range of extra-curricular  sporting activities after school

For every child to be have the opportunity to participate in a sporting activity they enjoy

That every after school sporting club is full to capacity with a waiting list

Chance to Shine
Cricket Coaching

Free of charge

To offer qualified cricket coaching within school time for 15 hours.

Introducing a sport that isn’t seen as the mainstream and attaining interest from children to be able to have cricket teams.

Every Monday and Tuesday afternoon year 6 children will experience training from a qualified cricket coach.

One Boys teams and one Girls team.

Entering competitions and tournaments.



To provide the children with the equipment they need to take part in new inter sporting events.

Including dodgeball, a speaker for Dance Club and Sports Day needs

Children are able to access the sporting activities with safe and appropriate equipment

Children will now have the opportunity to train and feel confident competing in the inter schools sports hall athletics

Equipment can also be used for sports day/ as part of PE lessons

Bikeability Level 1

Free of charge

Provide children with opportunity to take part in physical activity outside of school safely

For children to gain confidence and have the knowledge of road safety 

8 children attended this over three weeks and receive a certificate


(including donation to Thurrock Primary Schools FA)


To highlight the school successes

To be able to present and celebrate achievements individually and as teams.

Multiple trophies on display and new events being organised.



To ensure all children are able to get to get to sporting events

 To provide a safe mode of transport to and from events

To be able to attend as many events as possible

Beyond Limits


To provide selected children with an after school club in order to help build relationships

For children to gain strategies and realise they can create their own path in life regardless of, disability or inequality

For children all children involved will receive a certificate and life skills

Academy 1 Sports


Contribution for a Sports Coach (DBS checked) to come in add capacity and specialism to PE lessons

To support PPA cover and to deliver a wide range of activities supported by the curriculum

Capacity to the PE department and being able to offer a wider range of activities during school and after school due to sporting specialism


Total Premium received


Total Premium spend


In addition, the Gateway Primary Free School will be participating in many more sports in the forthcoming years, these are:

  • Inter tennis tournament
  • Inter tag rugby competition
  • Inter basketball
  • KS1 4x4 football for boys
  • KS1 4x4 football for girls
  • KS2 Football for girls
  • KS2 football for boys
  • GLC Football Cup (boys and girls)
  • KS1 cross country
  • KS2 cross country
  • KS2 tennis
  • KS1 sports hall athletics
  • KS2 sports hall athletics
  • Borough Olympics
  • Entering both boys and girls cricket teams in to leagues
  • Dodgeball
  • KS1 and KS2 Cross Country
  • Whole school sports day