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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community

GLC Primary Teaching and Learning


Our Teaching and Learning Vision

We define teaching as the process of guiding and facilitating learning. We teach for understanding, retention and the application of knowledge and the development of transferable learning competencies [communication, critical thinking, creativity and curiosity]. We believe that in order for pupils to make good progress, lessons should be planned from the perspective of ‘thinking’ and the extent to which pupils are challenged to think deeply and pushed forward with enough intensity.

The GLC Pedagogy Wheel 

The GLC Pedagogy Wheel outlines the key principles, tools and strategies our teachers rigorously apply to ensure teaching and learning is consistently good or better. 

Click on the image for a larger and interactive Pedagogy wheel.


The Learning Competencies

We actively teach 4 learning competencies that we believe, if properly integrated into our curriculum, will equip students who leave school to engage in the personal, cultural, economic and social challenges they will inevitably face in their lives.

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 The ability to analyse information and ideas and to form reasoned arguments and judgements.

The ability to ask questions and explore how the world works better.

The ability to generate new ideas and to apply them in practice.

The ability to express thoughts and feelings confidently in a range of media and forms. 


Teaching WalkThrus

Our vision and policy for teaching and learning is underpinned by the implementation of Teaching WalkThrus [Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli]. This instructional coaching approach makes expert pedagogy clear & concise and teacher know-how as accessible and attractive as possible.


The Learning model: 

Teaching practices and strategies outlined in this policy are underpinned by evidence-informed research and the following model of the learning process, which supports teachers’ understanding of how learning works and informs the deliberate practices they apply: